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Welcome to Totem Resource Centre, where we are dedicated to uplifting the lives of tribal populations through community-based development initiatives. Our wide array of programs spans across Education, Agriculture, Apiculture, Fisheries, Psychological Support, Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Waste Management, Science Popularization, Health and Hygiene, and more.

Totem Research Wing

At Totem Research Wing, we delve into diverse realms, conducting independent research with a focus on crucial aspects that shape our society. Our studies encompass the experiences and perspectives of MGNREGA workers, analyzing the impact of Covid-induced changes, addressing the digital divide, exploring the potential of community tourism, and preserving traditional knowledge within the vibrant communities of Wayanad. With dedication and a quest for knowledge, we strive to shed light on these essential subjects, contributing to a more informed and progressive world.

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Community Tourism

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Digital divide

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