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Fish Farming: Matsya gramam

Empowering Villages through Integrated Inland Fish Production

Totem Resource Centre proudly presents a transformative initiative, an integrated project on inland fish production. This visionary project merges several ongoing schemes, including integrated fish farming, fish seed farms and hatcheries, Janakeeya Matsya Krishi Project, and Matysasamrudhi project, spearheaded by the Kerala Government. By bringing these initiatives together, our aim is to elevate fish aquaculture to new heights, boosting production and creating a plethora of employment opportunities in our villages.

At the heart of this integrated approach lies a commitment to empowering rural communities. By encouraging and supporting the additional production of fish in village ponds through integrated fish farming, we pave the way for new and sustainable livelihood opportunities. The project not only enhances fish production but also augments economic growth in the region, benefiting farmers and local communities alike.

We understand the significance of preserving and utilizing natural resources responsibly. Through the amalgamation of various schemes, we strive for an ecologically balanced approach to inland fish production, ensuring the long-term well-being of our aquatic ecosystems. By leveraging the expertise of government bodies, researchers, and local stakeholders, we create a holistic framework that maximizes productivity while safeguarding environmental integrity.The integrated project on inland fish production envisions a future where villages thrive, tapping into the vast potential of aquaculture, and uplifting the lives of those residing in rural areas.

Together, let us embark on this journey towards sustainable growth, prosperity, and ecological harmony.

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