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Student Transformation and Empowerment Programme: Bridging the Educational Gap

Totem Resource Centre takes great strides in fostering a bright future for the students of marginalized communities in Kerala through the "Student Transformation and Empowerment Programme." This online educational assistance project aims to uplift high school and higher secondary students by providing them with valuable training and guidance from experts in various fields. Entirely free of cost, the programme offers flexibility through platforms like YouTube, Google Meet, and Jitsi, where students can access classes and submit assignments.

STEP: Bridging Tertiary Education Divide

Recognizing the disparities in tertiary education, our "STEP" programme provides entrance training to equip students for success. With a special focus on fields like Social Work and Psychology, we prepare students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, addressing the challenges arising from the increasing presence of coaching institutes.

E-Learning Centre: Addressing the Digital Divide in Kattikulam

To address the digital divide, our dedicated E-Learning Centre stands proudly in Kattikulam. Through this center, we ensure that students from all backgrounds have equal access to quality education, transcending barriers and unlocking their potential.

Community Learning Centres: Empowering Vulnerable Sections

To cater to the educational needs of the most vulnerable sections, we have established 10 Community Learning Centres (CLCs) across Wayanad. Our focus lies on forest dwellers and bonded laborers, as we strive to create a conducive learning environment and opportunities for growth in these communities. CLCs in Punnassery, Tholpetty, Madathuvayal, Meenangadi, Pariyaram, Kolur, Vythiri, Kavadam, Sugandhagiri, and Madoor are beacons of hope, igniting the flames of knowledge in the hearts of the underprivileged.

Community Libraries: Nurturing Reading Habits in Tribal Villages

In tribal villages, we champion the love for reading through our community libraries, promoting education and empowering tribal children. With the "Donate a Book Programme" and active engagement of Children's Management Committees, we have successfully established six libraries so far, five in Wayanad and one in Nilambur. Our ambitious goal is to establish 100 libraries by 2025, enriching the lives of countless young minds.

Epidemic Watch: Building Awareness for a Safer Future

At Totem Resource Centre, we are deeply committed to creating awareness about climate change and zoonotic diseases through our "Epidemic Watch" initiative. We promote personal hygiene and protective measures, working alongside inter-agency groups of District Collectors, ensuring a safer and healthier community.

Together, with your support, we are creating a ripple effect of positive change, empowering students, communities, and society at large. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow through education, knowledge, and compassion.

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