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Empowering 600 Farmers Across 4 Panchayaths: Creating Organic Villages Through Sustainable Agriculture

At Totem Resource Centre, we are committed to fostering the growth of organic farming and uplifting rural communities. Through our latest initiative, we have extended support to 600 farmers spread across 4 panchayats. Each family will receive assistance in developing half an acre of land dedicated to cultivating Organic Vegetables, spices, and horticultural plants as intercrops.

Our mission goes beyond mere subsistence farming. With this project, we aim to transform each household into a self-sufficient unit, ensuring family food security and setting an example as a model organic village. Embracing a regenerative agriculture approach, we are determined to convert the entire village into a thriving hub of organic practices.The impact of our efforts is already evident, with the establishment of Vegetables and Horticulture Plant Nurseries and successful implementation of Rainwater Harvesting in several villages.

To further enhance our farmers' prospects, we have proposed the creation of a Producer Organization focused on Processing and Value Addition with Organic certification.Promoting knowledge sharing and rural innovation lies at the heart of our strategy. To this end, we have established a dedicated Farmers Innovation Centre (FIC) at Mooppainad Village. This center serves as a hub for training and capacity building for farmers, empowering them to embrace sustainable practices and stay ahead in the evolving agricultural landscape.

Together, we embark on this journey of fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature while empowering farmers to thrive and flourish in the world of organic farming. Let's sow the seeds of a brighter, greener future together!

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