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Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome you to join our team as an intern or volunteer, contribute and enrich your skills and knowledge to our diverse range of programs and activities. Make a difference, one step at a time.

Totem's Vision and Mission

At Totem Resource Centre, our vision is to create a world where everyone is respected, human rights are protected, and every person enjoys the right to life with dignity, free from poverty, patriarchy, and injustice. We work in solidarity with the poor and excluded, striving to eradicate poverty, patriarchy, and injustice while preserving their culture and dignity. Our mission is to defend the lives, lands, and futures of those who deserve the same rights as any contemporary society.

Internship & Volunteer

Are you a college student or recent graduate with a passion for creating a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities? Do you come from backgrounds in Chemistry, Biology, MSW (Master of Social Work), BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), MBA (Master of Business Administration), Anthropology, or any social science and science-related field? If yes, consider joining our team as an intern or volunteer to contribute to our diverse range of programs and activities.

We welcome students and scholars from various educational backgrounds to participate in our internship and volunteer programs. Regardless of whether you are pursuing a graduate or postgraduate degree or are a recent graduate or scholar, we believe that your unique skills and knowledge can make a significant difference in advancing our mission.

Explore yourself in

Rural Agriculture and Livelihood

Gain insights into sustainable agricultural practices and their impact on rural communities' livelihoods.

Culture and Capacity Building

Work closely with communities to understand and preserve their cultural heritage while building their capacities.

Waste Management & Biodiversity Restoration

Explore waste management strategies and contribute to biodiversity restoration efforts in local ecosystems.

Scientific Awareness

Programmes aimed to eliminate superstitions.

Inclusive Education

Contribute to projects that promote equal access to quality education, empowering marginalized children and adults.

Environmental Governance and Networks

Learn about environmental conservation and collaborate with partner organizations to address pressing environmental issues.

Responsible Tourism

Understand the nuances of responsible tourism and its positive impacts on both tourists and host communities.

Assist at E- Learning Centre

Centre to address the digital divide and you can involve and bridge the gap and provide assistance.

Community Wellness

Participate in health education initiatives and community wellness programs to improve public health outcomes.

Water & Sanitation during Seasons

Assist in providing clean water and sanitation facilities, promoting hygiene practices, and mitigating water-related challenges.

Organic Farming and Enterprises

Get involved in organic farming practices and support community-based enterprises for sustainable development.

Involve in Ongoing Research

Get involved in organic farming practices and support community-based enterprises for sustainable development.

Skills and Experience You Can Gain:

Interning or volunteering with Totem Resource Centre provides you with valuable opportunities to enhance your skills and gain practical experience in several areas, including:

  1. Community Engagement: Develop skills in working closely with local communities, understanding their needs, and designing sustainable development projects.

  2. Project Management: Learn how to plan, execute, and monitor projects with a focus on social impact and community development.

  3. Research and Analysis: Conduct research on relevant social and environmental issues and analyze data to inform evidence-based decision-making.

  4. Advocacy and Awareness: Participate in advocacy campaigns and raise awareness about critical issues affecting marginalized communities.

  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Gain a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures and learn how to work respectfully within different cultural contexts.

  6. Sustainability and Environment: Contribute to initiatives promoting sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

  7. Teamwork and Collaboration: Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team and work in diverse settings to achieve common goals.

  8. Leadership Skills: Take on responsibilities and lead projects, honing your leadership abilities.

  9. Networking and Partnerships: Build valuable connections with NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders in the development sector.

Eligibility and Requirements

Our internship and volunteer programs are open to college students and recent graduates from various backgrounds. We seek individuals with a passion for social justice, sustainable development, and community empowerment.

Duration and Schedule

The duration of internships and volunteer positions can be customized based on your availability and the project's requirements.

Benefits and Support

Interns and volunteers at Totem Resource Centre receive guidance, mentorship, and a platform to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. We value your commitment and dedication to making a positive impact.

Application Process

If you are interested in interning or volunteering with us, please submit your CV through the Email provided below. We encourage you to specify your area of interest and how your skills align with our mission. Apply now and be part of the positive change.

Meet our inspiring change-makers

Interns who transformed communities and embraced the power of impact at Totem Resource Centre

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