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Bee Keeping

Nurturing a "Sweet Revolution": Introducing the Honey Village Programme

Totem Resource Centre takes great pride in launching the transformative "Honey Village Programme," an initiative aimed at fostering extensive beekeeping and honey production among farmers. This visionary project begins its journey as a pilot in the picturesque Mooppenad Panchayath, nestled in the heart of Wayanad district. Once proven successful, our ultimate goal is to replicate this model across Wayanad district, sparking a "Sweet Revolution" that resonates throughout the country.

At the core of this program lies our commitment to empowering beneficiaries through comprehensive support. We start by carefully selecting participants who are then equipped with a five-day basic beekeeping training. Armed with newfound knowledge, they receive essential resources, including 10 Bee Colonies, Tool Kits, Comb Foundation Sheets, and a Honey Extractor. Our dedication to their success extends beyond these provisions, as our experienced Officials and Master Trainers from Totem Resource Centre remain readily available to offer technical assistance and guidance.

The Honey Village Programme transcends individual efforts; it serves as a catalyst for collaboration. We bring together beekeepers, farmers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, conservation groups, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies, uniting them under a shared vision of enhancing beekeeping practices in the country. By imparting vital skills and knowledge on beekeeping, we strive to improve the overall health of honeybees, recognizing their potential as invaluable pollinators for achieving higher crop yields.Through this groundbreaking initiative, we envision a future where thriving beekeeping communities not only contribute to the country's honey production but also play a pivotal role in ecological sustainability and agricultural prosperity.

Together, let us embrace the "Sweet Revolution" and create a buzz of positive change, propelling India towards a flourishing and sustainable future.

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