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Amjad Roshan


Amjad Roshan is a highly motivated individual with a deep-rooted passion for Social Science and Economics. Currently serving as an Assistant Manager at The Federal Bank Ltd, he brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the Totem Resource Centre.

Amjad's keen interest lies in understanding Social Arrangements within the education delivery system and devising inclusive solutions to address existing challenges. With a profound belief in the transformative power of education, he is committed to exploring ways to create more equitable and accessible learning opportunities for all.

His unique perspective, derived from his professional experience in the banking sector, adds valuable insights to the team's endeavors at Totem Resource Centre. Amjad's ability to combine his passion for Social Science and Economics with practical knowledge in finance and management makes him an invaluable asset to our mission of building a better society.

Through his unwavering dedication and commitment, Amjad Roshan exemplifies the ethos of Totem Resource Centre. His contributions enrich our collective efforts in promoting inclusivity, empowering marginalized communities, and striving for sustainable development. As a valued member of the team, Amjad continues to inspire us to push boundaries and drive positive change in the communities we serve.

Amjad Roshan
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