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  • Location: Wayanad District, Kerala, India

  • Taluk: Mananthavadi

  • Villages: Thirunelly, Mananthavady, Panamaram, Pulpally

Demographic Details:

  • Population (KILA Survey 2008): 11,196

  • Literacy (KILA Survey 2008): 66.18%

  • Population in the 15-59 age group: 7,034 (71.9%)

  • Students/Not working: 1,537

  • Primary Occupation:

    • Agriculture Labor: 4,838

    • MNREGA Workers: 1,345

    • Animal Husbandry: 111

    • Agriculture: 88


  • Adiyan families are primarily concentrated in Wayanad District, with approximately 99.80% of the population residing there. Some families have also migrated to Kottayam, Idukki, Kozhikode, and Eranakulam Districts.

  • In the past, Adiyans were bonded laborers until the Abolition of Bonded Labour Act of 1976. Today, they work as marginal agriculturists and agricultural laborers. Some also migrate to Karnataka for agricultural employment.

  • The Adiyan community is known for its art form called 'Gaddika.'

Language and Identity:

  • Adiyans are bilingual, speaking a distinct dialect of Kannada known as 'Adiyabhasha.'

  • The term "Adiyan" translates to 'slave or serf' in Malayalam. However, they refer to themselves as 'Ravulavar.'

Social Structure:

  • The community is divided into clans called 'Mantu' or 'Chemmam,' with the clan head known as 'Chemmakkaran.'

  • Children inherit their mother's clan.

  • The 'Chemmakkaran' oversees the life cycle rites of the clan, while the 'Kuntumoopan' resolves disputes within the hamlets.

  • Religious ceremonies are conducted by the 'Kannaladi,' and the 'Nadumoopan' or 'Peruman' manages regional affairs.

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