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Sukanya G


Sukanya G is an accomplished Anthropologist with a profound passion for preserving and understanding the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities. With a diverse array of research interests, her expertise spans across Ethnomedicine, Tribal Studies, Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, Ethnography of Indigenous Communities, and Indigenous Knowledge.

As a key member of the Totem Resource Centre team, Sukanya is deeply committed to the documentation and preservation of indigenous healing practices of Tribal communities in Kerala. Through her dedicated research, she sheds light on the invaluable traditional knowledge and healing techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Sukanya's work not only celebrates the unique cultural identity of these communities but also aims to empower them by recognizing the significance of their knowledge and practices. Her research contributes significantly to bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and modern approaches to healthcare.

Her unwavering dedication to promoting and safeguarding the cultural heritage of Indigenous communities has earned her admiration and respect. Sukanya's work at Totem Resource Centre embodies the organization's vision of fostering a better society by acknowledging and preserving the cultural wisdom of marginalized groups.

Sukanya G
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