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Thachandan Moopan


Thachanadan Moopan is a Scheduled Tribe community found exclusively in Wayanad District, Kerala. They were recognized as a Scheduled Tribe in 2003, making them a relatively recent addition to the list of tribal communities in the region. Originally known as 'Koodammar,' they got their present name due to their migration from the 'Thachanadu' area in Nilambur.

Language and Social Structure:

The Thachanadan Moopan community speaks Malayalam. Each settlement has two headmen - the senior headman known as 'Muthalai,' who handles dispute settlement, marriage arrangements, and oblations to male deities, and the second headman called 'Eleri,' who serves as the priest and magician. The 'Eleri' is responsible for determining auspicious dates and times for marriages and conducting offerings to female deities.


Livelihood and Skills:

Thachanadan Moopan mainly engages in marginal farming, but they are also known for their exceptional skills in bamboo basket making and carpentry. In the past, they were experts in crafting bamboo baskets, which were widely used for various purposes. However, the advent of plastic baskets has impacted their traditional occupation, leading to a decline in demand for their craftsmanship.

Challenges and Opportunities:

The community faces challenges due to the changing economic landscape and the decline of their traditional occupation. As they continue to be skilled in bamboo basket making and carpentry, there is an opportunity to revive and promote these traditional crafts through cultural preservation and market interventions.


Thachanadan Moopan is a skilled and culturally rich community of Wayanad, Kerala. By providing support for the preservation of their traditional crafts and finding avenues to market their products, they can enhance their livelihood opportunities and maintain their unique identity in the region. Additionally, targeted development programs can empower the community and help them improve their socio-economic status.

Thachandan Moopan
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