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Mannan Community


The Mannan community, a Scheduled Tribe of Kerala, holds a unique position in the region with its historical migration from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, to settle in the picturesque district of Idukki. With a language that fuses Tamil and Malayalam, the Mannan community stands out as a vibrant and culturally rich group.

Leadership and Social Organization:

Among the Scheduled Tribe communities in Kerala, the Mannan community stands alone with its hierarchical structure led by a Raja, who is respectfully referred to as the 'Kozhimala Raja Mannan.' The word of the Raja holds immense significance in the community's decision-making processes. Working alongside the Raja Mannan is the 'Mantri,' or Minister, who plays a vital role in governance. Each settlement within the community is headed by a 'Kanikaran,' who oversees the local affairs.

Historical Privileges and Shifting Cultivation:

The Mannan community cherishes a unique heritage, with the Poonjar Raja once granting them special privileges, including acting as agents for managing jurisdiction and tax collection. In the past, the Mannans were nomadic agriculturists, adept in the practice of shifting cultivation. However, as times have changed, they have successfully transformed into expert settled agriculturists, tending to their lands diligently. Additionally, they have preserved their ties with the forests, supplementing their economy through the collection of non-timber forest produce.

Embracing Eco-conscious Initiatives:

The Mannan community actively engages in activities promoted by the Eco Development Committees and Vanasamrakshna Samithis, reflecting their commitment to preserving and protecting the environment. This devotion to eco-conscious practices aligns with their close bond with nature and their livelihood that is intrinsically linked to the forests.

Education and Empowerment:

While the Mannan community takes great pride in its cultural heritage, it faces educational challenges. To ensure the community's sustainable growth, there is a pressing need for a strong focus on human resource development. By investing in education and skill-building initiatives, the Mannan community can empower its members to thrive in various fields.

Inhabiting Idukki District:

Nearly 97 percent of the Mannan community's population, approximately 9064 persons, reside in Idukki District, making the district their vibrant home.


The Mannan community of Idukki District is a testament to resilience and cultural preservation. With a rich history of migration and a unique social structure led by the revered Raja Mannan, the Mannans have adapted to changing times while staying deeply connected to their cultural roots. By prioritizing education and human resource development, this vibrant community can embrace new opportunities and ensure a thriving future in the breathtaking landscapes of Idukki District.

Mannan Community
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