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This overview provides a glimpse into the Malasar community, found in the plains and valleys of Chittur Taluk, Palakkad District, and adjoining areas of Tamil Nadu. The Malasar community is known for its unique cultural practices and traditional way of life.


Geographic Distribution

The Malasar community members are primarily located in the Grama Panchayats of Eruthempathy, Kozhinjampara, Perumatty, Vadakarapathy, Muthalamada, Nelliampathy, and Pudusseri. Their settlements are known as 'Pathis,' each headed by a 'Moopan' who is assisted by other community members.

Language and Social Organization

Malasar community members primarily speak Tamil, reflecting their cultural ties with neighboring Tamil Nadu. Socially, they have a traditional leadership structure, with the 'Moopan' playing a significant role in governing their settlements and community affairs.



In the past, the Malasar community had a strong connection to local resources. However, over time, they have lost their control over these resources, and their livelihoods have shifted towards manual labor to sustain their families.

Challenges and Development

The Malasar community faces challenges in adapting to changing times and ensuring sustainable development. To address these challenges, community-specific development programs must be formulated and implemented. These programs should focus on empowering the community, preserving their cultural heritage, and providing avenues for economic growth and self-sufficiency.


The Malasar community of Palakkad District holds a unique place in the cultural fabric of Kerala. As they navigate through changing times, it is essential to recognize their distinct identity and heritage while supporting their efforts towards socio-economic progress. By devising targeted development programs and empowering community leaders, the Malasar community can look forward to a future that celebrates their traditional values while embracing new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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