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  • District: Kozhikode, Kannur, Wayanad

  • Taluk: (Information not provided)

  • Villages: Naduvil, Udayagiri, Alakode, and Ulikkal Grama Panchayats


  • Karimpalan is found in the districts of Kozhikode, Kannur, and Wayanad. The name likely originated from their historical occupation of collecting 'Kari' (Charcoal).

  • Originally listed as Scheduled Castes, the Karimpalan community was later included in the list of Scheduled Tribes in 2003.

  • The role of the headman, known as 'Karnavar,' has weakened over time.

  • Karimpalan follows a clan-based social organization known as 'Taravadis,' which plays a significant role in regulating marriages within the community.

  • Traditionally, they were involved in shifting cultivation, basket making, and labor work in plantations for felling trees and gathering timber, bamboo, and firewood.

  • Presently, many have shifted to settled cultivation and some work as agricultural laborers.

  • The younger generation is increasingly acquiring new skills for employment opportunities.

  • Compared to other Scheduled Tribe communities in the region, the Karimpalan community has made notable progress in various aspects of life.

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